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Monday 20 of March 2023 01:47:19 AM


RRX Aerospace HEBT
Heterostructure emitter bipolar transistor (HEBT) research:

As the operating frequencies of core network backplanes, supercomputers and communications equipment increases to hundreds of gigahertz, new high performance circuits will be needed to supply the glue logic and analog functionality.

HEBT concept diagram

HEBT Layers

The HEBT has a somewhat unique arangement with respect to emitter blocking of minority carriers.

This is accomplished by using a heterostructure diode in the emitter, introducing a small energy barrier greatly reducing minority carrier charge flow leakage from the base.

The HEBT is well positioned as a potential candidate for key roles.

Notably the basic architecture can be constructed in any semiconductor system that permits the use of energy band gap altering alloys in the emitter.

The approach is simple and does not require the tight parametric control, that abrupt or graded emitter designs do.

This may prove very important as evident from scanning ion mass spectrometry data, indicating the radical out diffusion of both dopant and alloy species from the critical thin, highly doped and alloyed base.


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