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Monday 20 of March 2023 03:20:56 AM


RRX Network Massive Parallelism
Next generation massively parallel research:

Although the contrivance of individual novel quantum level devices may proceed indefinitely, the scaling issues imply harnessing of proximate subunits in abstraction based arrangements, similar to software design, for combined effect.

At this juncture of history, possibly a common landmark for sentient species, we have succeeded in harnessing millions of subunits, for their useful combined effect.

The most common configuration in use is that of a reciprocating machine cycle, which in it's turn loads a condition mutable instruction index to a limited set of possibilities, in part determined by the relative extent, of localized adjoining data paths.

The scalability of reciprocating architecture is limited by the intrinsic physics, combined with the maximum activity of participating subunits, in consideration of the transit time between devices.

The combined scalability is apparently limited by the number of devices overall within a transit time horizon, in so far as they are connected by a system of lesser capability, than that which is used internally.

Our view is that the relative performance of the distributed combination of devices is clearly linked to the relative performance, of the interdevice vs intradevice data, control paths and persistence.

From the software perspective it would be nice to have large information space, with high intrinsic processing speed, in order to fabricate the illusion of a complex environment.


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