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Automated target assay systems research:

It seems nearly every drug molecule works through a structural interaction with a "target" or "receptor" molecule, or protein that plays key roles in upstream, or downstream biological pathway processes.

Notably, one might wish only to modulate a target protein function, possibly by finding partner proteins, as suitable drug targets.

In the most common model for this interaction the drug molecule inserts itself, into a functionally important crevice, or pocket of its target protein somewhat like a key in a lock.

The molecule then binds there and either induces or, possibly more commonly, inhibits the protein's normal function in a pathway.

This apparently universal drug-target scheme enables a powerful approach to drug discovery, starting with identification of the appropriate protein target(s) for a given therapeutic need.

If enough is known about the distinguishing structure of a target, it is theoretically feasible to design the structure of an ideal preliminary small molecule drug, to interact with it.

This approach offers the promise of eliminating much of the expensive inefficiency, of conventional drug discovery.

Recently RRX Pharma has adopted a novel approach for drug discovery that exploits the dynamic three-dimensional geometry of molecular targets.


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