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Monday 20 of March 2023 02:33:36 AM


Senstent Inc.
Senstent - SST(SENSTENT)

SST - Prelimary

  • next generation stent nanoprobe technology
    • custom wireless nanotech based remote/guide inflate at target site
      • stents are "machined" using nanotechnology
      • custom manufactured to fit particular diameter/length target
    • drug diffusion from internal storage to surface
      • interdicts collagen formation
      • drug refill via nanoprobe technology
    • integral docked nanoprobe based sensors/actuators
      • dock to inner surface clasps/stations
        • drug carrier/pump probes
        • communicator probes
        • small molecule detector probes
        • temperature detector probes
        • stress/pain detector probes
    • actuator branch on microtest logic design
      • physician programmed custom response to sensor data pattern
      • actuator probes release drug on programmed response

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