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Tuesday 03 of October 2023 12:05:22 AM


RRX Commonwealth Defense Policy
British Commonwealth defense policy research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research of next generation British Commonwealth defense policy.

Joint defense operations kindly contributed by members of the Commonwealth might be quite advantageous in the 2020 to 2100 range, and beyond.

Clearly well planned and equipped joint actions might reduce the financial and human resource load on all participants, while increasing overall effectiveness remarkably.

As it seems likely that while a generally peaceful context may prevail in the 2020 to 2100 plus range one might expect troublesome issues to be dealt with in an effective and humanitarian manner, more efficiently than is possible with current arrangements by an integrated joint Commonwealth defense response system.

If one arbitrarily assumes one percent of GDP for all Commonwealth members is contributed, and similarly in the order of one percent of population as trained emergency response, and peacekeeping forces, overall one might expect humanitarian response performance to be considerably enhanced for all stakeholders.


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