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Rutheford School 2011 Centenary
Rutherford School - 100th Anniversary 1911 – 2011

October 27th, 2011 - Rutherford School, Edmonton, Alberta

Rutherford School Centenary

Rutherford School Centenary

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Good afternoon, and thank you for inviting me!

Alexander Rutherford would be impressed 100 years on.

I don't want to bore everyone, but a quick overview on behalf of the Rutherford family might interest.

It all started when James and Elizabeth Rutherford with their 4 children decided to come to Canada from Scotland 156 years ago, in a sailing ship. They brought a plough.

My great grandfather Alexander Cameron Rutherford was born two years later, in a log cabin.

At the age of 38 he moved here. Alexander was a lawyer for about 10 years in Ontario before that.

Ten years later he was elected the first premier of Alberta.

Alexander was a book lover and collected over 9000 in his library.

He backed education and about 1500 new schools were built. He donated the land for this school.

Rutherford School represents his philosophy and legacy.

I would like to offer our heart felt congratulations on behalf of the Rutherford family, of whom I am only a junior member, on your 100th anniversary.

The senior members of the family are Eric, Harwood and Helen McCuaig and Margaret Rutherford.

Rutherford School Centenary Flyer

Rutherford School Centenary Flyer


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