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RRX Education Systems
Education systems research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research into next generation education systems.

In consideration of the rapidly changing global environment one might wonder if education systems may evolve, into next generation structures in a linear or nonlinear way. Clearly in the context of next generation technology one might suspect a covariant shift of paradigm in education systems, however this may be a linear effect for the most part.

In the sense that one may inevitably expect geopolitical organizations in future global scenarios to compete, and also possibly cooperate in a more complex manner, one might suspect a nonlinear shift of education policy.

Nonlinear it seems may imply the rapid reorganization of a legacy education system into a different conformational structure.

As a large scale shift might be somewhat expensive and also possibly rather disruptive, it seems unlikely except in the case of a fundamentally altered view of the role of the system, from the perspective of long term return on investment.

The long term is in the order of decades to centuries from the perspective of an altered context, which may be very difficult to predict and hence open to considerable doubt.

However from the view of general trends one might be well assured that relative complexity in virtually every area of endeavor may increase, dramatically.

This overall trend may not least be driven by "cross discipline" analysis in the context of globalization of next generation profit centres.

Retrospectively one might wonder why our eccentric legacy educational paradigms have evolved in past contexts.

It seems unlikely that one would invest significant capital in an endeavor, unless there were some context factors which possibly, in the long run, might be more costly in the absence of such investment.

The long term costs of a nonexistent, poor, or expensive but ineffective legacy education system might be somewhat reduced prospects for ones body politic, or nation state in a global context where trading partners and rivals have far superior systems.


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