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RRX Energy Policy
Energy policies research:

RRX was tasked with coming up with some viable national energy policies in the early 1990s, by the federal Liberal Party of Canada. Clearly previous policies were not perceived as well received.

Preliminary considerations for energy policy formation, related to Western Canada:

i) The general Western Canadian context: population growth, economic trends, and the long term resource outlook, to 2100, and beyond.
ii) Resource market forces, and improved standard of living, through conservation policy, with respect to optimizing, Western Canada's energy advantage, for targeted foreign markets.
iii) Research into, market driven, large scale capitalization techniques, and socioeconomic lifestyle enhancement planning methods, for development projects, in resource based communities.
iv) Mixed economy, resource development, and management, of the Western Canadian ownership biased, "level playing field" rules, for maximizing overall employment, via small, and Western Canadian owned, business.
v) Research into alternative mechanisms, for cost effectiveness, with respect to, resource revenue splitting, freight subsidies, and long term regional enhancement, of exportable human resource based, socioeconomic development.
vi) Enhanced techniques, for bringing together, local authorities, educational institutions, and business, in partnerships, for research, and development, training, laboratory sharing, and venture financing, through "financial packagers".
vii) Alternative mechanisms, available, for cost effective promotion, of Western Canadian small, and medium, business, as a highly stable, progressive environment, for potential investment, combined with, enhanced access to professional, non-government based, market planning.

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