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Tuesday 03 of October 2023 12:38:22 AM


RRX Network AAA
AAA lambda provisioning (interdomain) research:

In optical networks the efficient routing of optical connections is critical.

As today the optical networks are composed of multiple provider administered domains, there might be a long term future requirement for dynamic interdomain optical circuit provisioning.

Whether this provisioning is initially driven from the core, edge, or end node requests a minimal set of interdomain protocol capabilities are implied.

To effectively determine reasonable interdomain optical paths there must be a set of information that can be shared, between domains.

Recent research by RRX Network indicates a reasonable preliminary goal is to identify a minimal set of this information and potential mechanisms for its collection, and to propose novel solutions for interdomain routing.

An AAA or AAAA service is involved in handling three basic decisions.

The first task is the verification of identities (Authentication). Secondly it determines if conditions are met for the usage of resources (Authorization). Finally the service may log key attributes of its decisions so they can be used later, for Accounting purposes. Notably the basic AAA service might also be promoted by some form of (Advertising), implying AAAA.


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