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RRX Network 9k MTU
Executive Summary

Extensive 9k MTU testing was conducted on CA*net4 and Internet2 (pre Super Jumbo Frames).

9k MTU testing in this case refers to core network 9000 byte maximum transmission unit testing mainly by trial and error across Internet2 Abilene and CA*net4 backbone networks and enabled tributaries.

Dr. Rutherford in conjunction with Dr. Jorgenson (Chief Scientist at Apparent Networks) gave a presentation at the 2004 Netera/BCNET/WestGrid Advanced Networks Conference in Vancouver. (ANC Presentation PPT)

Below is the output, courtesy of Apparent Networks, from one of numerous tests run on academic research networks for router transit port conformance to the particular requirements, of larger than normal packets or jumbo frames.

The first international 9k MTU connection globally was recently accomplished between CA*net 4 and Internet 2, via the StarLight machine room in Chicago, as indicated in our test run from the San Diego Supercomputer Center, whom kindly, through the auspices of Kevin Walsh, allowed us to use their 9k MTU enabled link to Internet2.

AppareNet Sample 9k MTU Test Run

Sample 9k MTU Test Run

One of the main advantages of going to the larger 9000 byte packets is at the end nodes, where the packet is disembarked to handler logic, that strips framing and loads the payload into a buffer frame, for the application's streaming operations.


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