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RRX Pharma Cancer
Cancer research:

Recently RRX Pharma conducted a preliminary survey of potential cancer targets for analysis.

    • basal cell carcinoma
    • benign prostatic hypertrophy
    • bladder cancer
    • bone cancer
    • brain cancer
    • breast cancer
    • cervical cancer
    • colon cancer
    • colorectal cancer
    • edema
    • endometrial cancer
    • esophageal cancer
    • gastric cancer
    • kidney cancer
    • leukemia
      • leukemia (acute pro-myelocytic)
      • leukemia (hairy cell)
      • leukemia (lymphoblastic)
      • leukemia (lymphoid)
      • leukemia (myeloid)
      • leukemia (t-cell)
    • liver cancer
    • lung cancer
    • lymphoma
    • melanoma
    • metastasis cancer
    • multiple myeloma
    • neoplastic diseases
    • ovarian cancer
    • pancreatic cancer
    • prostate cancer
    • rectal cancer
    • renal cell carcinoma
    • sarcoma skin cancer
    • testicular cancer
    • thyroid cancer

In the industry, target crystals are created, or grown, by first collecting and purifying a small quantity, of the target proteins of interest from cancer locales or emissions thereof, followed by setting up a wet chemistry system to evaporate most of the water molecules, mixed in with the protein.

By removing water the protein molecules are left in a dehydrated and immobilized state, or crystallized form, suitable for precision structural analysis, by X-ray diffraction or neutron scattering, of molecular atomic species and their relative spacing.

Clearly the process of protein sample preparation for analysis might change the relative conformation somewhat from what exists in the actual hydrated in vivo, or living context.

There is the possibility of systematically searching for a relation, in terms of susceptibility to certain forms of cancer on the basis of influencing agents such as virus, bacteria, molecular and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of DNA across individuals, in inheritance trees.

Symbolic DNA Segment - where SNP = one crossbar

Symbolic DNA Segment - SNP is a one crossbar set change

In the case of SNPs, or altered DNA code sites, if variations of interest are in a segment of DNA used to code for proteins, including upstream control hierachies, and downstream fabrication pathways, one might be able to determine complex effects.

If the SNP of interest is not related to protein coding, of which includes only a small fraction of total DNA code, for a cell type of interest, one might consider investigation of switch and control hierarchy path disruption, in less well mapped areas of human DNA.

Occcasional slight, possibly random, alterations of DNA during cell replication, or mitosis, are apparently normal features of which downstream variation and selection occur, and may contribute to cancer cell formation.


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