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Tuesday 03 of October 2023 01:21:18 AM


RRX Pharma Modeller Overview

RRXModeller® - is a novel network centric front end integration suite supporting an intelligent distributed data based in silico integrated modeling and lead generation system.

  • From the software perspective RRXModeller supplies the "glue logic" and visualization platform to bring together a wide range of disparate data types, into a common manipulation environment. For example the capability to import, manipulate and simulate NMR and XRD structural data in combination with sequence related capabilites for proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules.
  • Full integration implies the related display of all source data parsed into the manipulation environment, in a manner such that one can explore the complex relationships between differing forms of data, in an intuitive manner. This is made possible by a novel approach using artificial intelligence based subsystems, to learn and recognise eccentric data types.

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