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Monday 02 of October 2023 11:57:37 PM


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Target identification research:

Historically the pharmaceutical industry has apparently, relied, for the most part, on creating drug leads by screening, or sifting through, proprietary inventories of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals in search of substances with the desired biological activity.

Conventionally optimization of the lead was, it seems, often achieved by quasi-random exploration of the chemical structure through the synthesis of large numbers of related derivatives. This approach is increasingly unsatisfactory since it is both costly and inefficient.

While the rate of discovery of new therapeutic compounds has apparently declined over the last decade costs of research have continued to rise. Dramatically there remain many desperate therapeutic needs for which current research programs have yet to yield a safe and effective curative strategy.

Briefly RRX Pharma's preliminary molecular intervention approach consists of convergent iterative cycles of search, design, simulation, synthesis, structural assessment, and optimization.


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