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RRX Body Politic
Theory of the body politic research:

A general theory of the body politic, it seems, should likely be of intrinsic applicability to an arbitrary synthetic frame of reference (sfr) . One might conjecture that all possible synthetic frames of reference of the universe might be the natural de facto superset, of such a theory. Notably the implied synthetic frame of reference may not apply directly to a "particular body politic" subset element, of the superset, as it is "derived in general" from "abstract assumptions". The "design" of the synthetic frame of reference is based in part on the assumption of a body politic "ad indefinitum" through the use of "generalized context representational spaces". The derived implications of the synthetic frame of reference are then considered in relation to the particular eccentricities of a hypothetical, or de facto body politic. This preliminary exercise may be useful in highlighting and mitigating potential "downstream" conflict, and also in consideration of long term scalability.

Preliminary considerations:

  • the intrinsic context of existence

    An arbitrary synthetic frame of reference from the inferred presence of apparently observable intrinsic change, of an artifact representation, such as this context, might postulate or experience the possible existence of "events", which are distinguished by a "difference". The context of difference events, it seems, may imply the concepts of relative position/location/sequence, in a range of possibilities. In summary from the implied context difference change all the possible commonalties of a contextual environment of "existence", or an arbitrary synthetic frame of reference, of the context seem apparently for lack of other fundamental preceding possibilities to inevitably converge on the abstractions of "relative position/location/sequence", and the derivatives thereof. The generalized abstraction, by induction of the relative position/location/sequence concept although "derived" from the possibility of experience (events) is apparently not limited to application in that realm alone. In like manner an arbitrary synthetic frame of reference might similarly imply the concept of a local context "intrinsic representation space", although the specific detectable manifestation of such is only apparently by particular difference change, for a particular subset of context events.

  • intrinsic representation space

    An arbitrary synthetic frame of references' context intrinsic events (experience) might be related by the means of non-instantaneous (persistent) representation "generation effect(s)". This implies the possibilities in this regard as possible "built in operators", of a context intrinsic representation space.

  • built in operators

    The implied "difference operator" is, it seems, possibly the most fundamental implying a "built in" context intrinsic representation space event transformation to perform "of its own accord" specific types of "comparison operation" on "representations". Clearly the "difference operator" sequence might form an output "resultant synthetic representation" and consequently implies the covariant "basis of existence", or "detectability of change", for an arbitrary synthetic frame of reference. Evaluation of the possibilities is seemingly the prerequisite for the synthesis of commonalty, or contradiction, leading to the implication of system wide patterns, or lack of them, which are independent of the apparent arbitrary specificities of any possible observer whatsoever. As such one might consider that the systematic application of the "difference operator" implies the possible existence of apparently, potentially common arbitrary synthetic frame of reference wide, intrinsic types of synthetic representation.

  • types of synthetic representation

    The repeated displacement of an assumed singularity by "difference of position/location/sequence" from another, by difference in a range of possibilities, seemingly implies via the "difference operator" the possible existence of both "different singularities" and "gap differences" between singularities, which are separate though clearly related synthetic representations. Similarly these synthetic derivatives form a "difference of type" of derived representation. One might consider that the possibility of difference of the singularities may be implicit, only in their relation of position/location/sequence to the others, by the gap differences, such that the difference of type is merely of perspective. However clearly the view of the possibilities of specific and unique singularities, separated by arbitrary gaps, or specific and unique gaps terminated by arbitrary singularities are different derived synthetic representation types, based on a difference of perspective of the singularity/gap system. The consideration of either both specific and unique singularities and gaps or completely arbitrary singularities and gaps is apparently different again, simply by applying or relieving "constraints of detail" from the model. Thus the specific abstraction of a singularity representation in position/location by consideration of difference, in a range of possibilities, it seems leads inevitably to the concepts of "idealized geometric forms". Similarly the arbitrary abstraction of a singularity representation in position/location by consideration of difference, in a range of possibilities, it seems leads inevitably to the concepts of "idealized distribution systems".

These preliminary considerations it seems imply a possibly inevitable general common logic of synthetic representation(s), for all arbitrary synthetic frames of reference.


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