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Tuesday 03 of October 2023 01:03:27 AM


RRX Defense Policy
Defense policy research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research of next generation defense policy.

The particularities of ones next generation defense policy situation, as an example of the general case, might be somewhat helpful.

The general case may it seems be discerned, in a preliminary manner by considering an arbitrary body politic in an arbitrary context, of an arbitrary planet.

As such one might consider "next generation" to imply a future context, roughly in the order of 15 to 30 stellar orbits of an arbitrary planetary system, assumed populated by a predominant species, or set of species, capable of some form of systematic, abstraction based communication and organized behaviour.

In consideration of ones particular eccentric historical context, one might expect some degree of alignment with a purely general model.

One may consider the result of next generation defense policy might likely be a formative phase possibly somewhat optimistically leading to a sustainable, and appropriate, adaptive defense system for a potentially hostile context.

A context implies the particularities of planetary system structures, over the set of possible considerations.

A defense system may scale from a few localized participants to distributed large, numerous and complex components, some of which may have forms of intelligence, information emission, information restriction and various "armed forces" services.

Correspondingly the relative size and disposition of ones system may scale from a small body politic, with comparatively few participants, to a large body politic, or consortium, with planetary or multiple planetary scope, potentially with trillions or more participants.


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