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RRX Foreign Policy
Foreign policy research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research of next generation foreign policy.

It seems that ones next generation foreign policy may likely be to some degree affected by future global scenarios, and transitional phases.

Future global scenarios may be somewhat difficult to simulate possibly due, in part, to nonlinear socioeconomic paradigm shifts, combined with uncertainties of linear effects. Given a set of reasonably accurate macroeconomics and preliminary political agenda predictions, one might be inclined to margin the probability of nonlinear effects, which may be due to eccentric behavior of the dominant species, or set of species of ones planetary system ensconced in a particular context.

Notably devolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was apparently an example of recent, somewhat nonlinear, shift of paradigm.

One of the factors which may induce nonlinear behavior is "globalization" or the widespread rapid mobility of labor, capital, and technology. The globalization rate might be a significant pressure factor, as a high rate may induce a backlash from vested interest, while a slow rate may catalyze disappointed expectations and cause political unrest. Clearly the relative demographic profile factor may play a significant role. One might expect nation states with an older biased demographic profile could be somewhat less likely to benefit, as much as those with a youth biased profile. Clearly one might like to bias ones demographic profile as much as possible in such fashion, as to ride the globalization wave of change.

From the perspective of global geopolitical disposition of defensive mechanisms one might expect that such manifestation could be inevitable in general, in any planetary context, though clearly the particularities of planetary surface structure, oceans, atmosphere and gravitation may play a critical role.

Ones foreign policy it seems is to some degree commensurate with potential to action, in the form of defensive mechanisms, which clearly might also be used for offensive purposes. As the damage caused by modern defensive mechanisms may be somewhat disconcerting, to say the least, one might be well advised as to judicious and reluctant use of force in any but the most grave of circumstances.

In a global economy where international law is honored and transactions are carried out with a high degree of veracity, there may be little requirement for significant investment in the expensive overhead of a large defensive mechanism.

The maintenance of a peaceful equilibrium across ones planet may, to some extent, depend on each nation state doing an exemplary job of enforcing domestic and international law within its' geopolitical domain.

While one might not require an extensive arsenal of killing systems in the modern global economy one may be wise to invest in effective next generation law enforcement, border patrol and intelligence technology.

Clearly ones domestic law enforcement program should be well aligned with ones own constitutional arrangement, and also support international agreements on dominant species or set of species rights.

One of the ways to potentially improve a safe working environment for members of the body politic, is to be aware ahead of time of possible hidden dangers.

Sometimes information from ones own intelligence service may not be available in a timely manner, while the intelligence service reports of other nation states might be.

Clearly one might benefit by cultivating friendly working relations with the intelligence services, of other nation states that may be in a position to supply information about hidden dangers, in a timely and efficient manner.

While one might expect much of the exchange of information to be somewhat routine, sometimes there are subtle indications about pending major events that may not be of interest, to ones own intelligence service, however could supply the missing pieces for another nation states analysis.

Evidently in the long term it is to ones own benefit to pass along possibly even slightly suspicious activities, that may pertain to major actions in the global effort to create a much safer context for all of the participants.

In summary next generation foreign policy may imply comprehensive analysis of look ahead scenarios, combined with covariantly crafted policy on a case by case basis, designed to improve ones long term prospects.


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