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RRX International Law
International law research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research into next generation international law.

Notably although ones own government or de facto arrangement, for example, may not be based on a constitutional system, one might nonetheless benefit from theoretical considerations which may be applicable to a body politic, at some future time.

In the sense that next generation international law is apparently, in an assumed three layer democratic system, for the most part detailed protocol interpretation and implementation of potential Acts or "general recipes for action with an arbitrary member of the body politic as object", which are fundamentally constrained by a constitution, one might presuppose that one may stand to benefit from an explicit international constitution.

An international constitution might in place of the individual participant of the body politic, substitute nation states or de facto body politic arrangements, of some form.

Just as with individual participants of the body politic, one might imply that nation states as members of the global body politic should have equivalent status, with respect to the main purpose of a next generation international constitution.

Clearly the internal constitutions or de facto arrangements of all of the parties to agreement will be major factors to be considered with respect to a potential common framework.


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