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Monday 02 of October 2023 11:59:09 PM


RRX Policy Shift and Formative Mechanics
Policy shift and formative mechanics research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research into next generation policy shift and formative mechanics.

In the context of future planetary scenarios one might, possibly optimistically, expect the gradual evolution of confrontation by force, or sanctions, to competition of ideas and ideological frameworks in information space.

Clearly one might like in such case to align ones policy shifts with long-term views, that satisfy appropriate synthetic metaperspectives with respect to ones context.

Unfortunately as complexity increases however one may find increasing difficulty to discriminate which policy shift, and associate formative mechanics may be appropriate, for an inferred context.

Part of the issue in this regard might be that one may have a somewhat incomplete metaperspective, of the context of interest.

Notably a pending next generation policy shift and the resultant formative mechanics in the near term may influence a long-term context, in an unexpected manner due to slight miscalculations.

Formative mechanics imply derivative interaction of policy shift with socioeconomic parameters, for a transitive context towards an implied future context with differing parameters.

If policy shift theoretical constructs are not well aligned with underlying realities, one might expect the result of formative mechanics to be somewhat unpredictable.


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