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Tuesday 03 of October 2023 12:30:01 AM


RRX Political Philosophy
Political philosophy research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research into next generation political philosophy.

In the sense of arbitrary specificity one might claim, from any context, that one may not need to travel to another planet to meet aliens.

Clearly any satisfactory theory, which pertains to the relative disposition of political philosophy, should likely be applicable to all possible frames of reference.

With such a boundary condition one might be inclined to consider if inevitable commonalties may exist.

As we apparently have little other than our own experience of the universe to go on, it seems that the best one might expect in this regard, is an extrapolation of the relative commonalties of ones dominant species, or set of species.

While one may be somewhat constrained from the general perspective due to the closely related manifestation of homo sapiens sapiens, in particular, there are some limited variations of our species which might contribute to a general model.


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