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RRX Propaganda Systems
Propaganda systems - mass media research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research into next generation propaganda systems - mass media.

In order to augment the case for generality one might possibly consider "next generation" to imply a future context, roughly in the order of 15 to 30 stellar orbits, of an arbitrary planetary system, assumed populated by a predominant species, or set of species capable of some form of systematic abstraction based communication, and organized behaviour.

In a general context one might consider next generation propaganda, or media systems to be fairly continuous, de facto information space emissions of some form, possibly by purportedly "mass media" communications organizations, or other systems of particular eccentricity of manifestation.

Clearly systematic emission of information implies investment of energy, on the part of representative subsets of ones body politic(s) in some form, possibly for particular purposes or goals.

One might wonder what relationships may exist between the sources, and selectivity, of particular information, its preparation, modification and formatting for information space media and the possible selectivity of potential destinations, or sinks, with covariant particularities.

In the general case one might assume the localization of an information space emission organization in a distributed, or de facto arrangement of some form, possibly transcending the profile of particular contributing body politics.

One might also it seems, assume the sinks for such general information streams might for the most part be an "information market", possibly with similar arrangement, in distributed fashion.

Clearly the interacting mechanisms of information transport and encoding particularities might affect the relative marketability of proffered services, to a given information market segment of information space, in general.

In summary the general case might apparently vary considerably depending on the: context, source particularities, transport factors and sink particularities.

One might it seems also infer possible obligations, or at least expectations, in terms of quality and reliability from an arbitrary source on the part of an arbitrary sink.


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