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RRX Transitory Phases
Transitory phases research:

RRX is conducting preliminary research into next generation transitory phases.

It seems global scenario historical snapshots are to some degree formed by a series of intermediating transitory phases.

Clearly the rapid buildup of military equipment in past decades, in the form of ever more potent mass killing systems, was a transitory phase to a more stable and somewhat more trusting global environment.

From the perspective of investment in military killing systems one might be inclined to carefully evaluate probable, and possible threats during the course of next generation transitory phases.

With the widespread proliferation of primitive nuclear technology for the construction of low power dirty warheads, for example, one might wish to margin the possibility of a preemptive strike, either in the form of a terrorist act or possibly the aggression of a rogue nation state.

The current round of transitory phases may eventually result in a relatively comfortable socioeconomic eqilibrium, in the long term, for all the global players.

In the transition from one set of relatively stable normative socioeconomic values to another, one might apparently expect a wide range of disaffected and possibly rather excitable opponents and proponents to emerge.

Sometimes the long term historical context may provide a base frame of reference for the opposing parties. In next generation transitory phases it may be ones vision of the future, which provides the main context for implementing rational change in a responsible manner. For large groups of participants the projection of future vision is likely to be critical, for effective team work during next generation transitory phases.

A fast paced global economy with increasingly complex interactions implies a series of novel synthetic views, in new contexts. The generation of accurate views or metaperspectives requires accurate and timely data, in summarized format. Often appropriate data may not be available from a context of interest, introducing uncertainty into ones transitory phase analysis.


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