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Western Canada
Western Canada

Western Canada now spans an area from the province of Manitoba west to British Columbia and north to the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

In 1905 the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were carved out of what was at that time a larger Northwest Territories.

Map of Western Canada circa 1905 1905

2005 through to 2008 are centennial years for many of the fundamental formative events that shaped Western Canada. Notably recent public events include the first centenary of the University of Alberta in 2008.

From our perspective one of the notable figures of the time was a lawyer living in the "County of Strathcona" near the middle of what was to become Alberta. His name was Alexander Cameron Rutherford and little beknownst to himself he was destined to become a central figure in the transformation of Western Canada into a new country.


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